Artist: Christophe Jannin

Exhibited Medium: Giclée Print (Original Medium: Digital)

Date: 2017

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Preliminaries digital print by Christophe Jannin. Print ships unframed without the KUMALICIOUS watermark and measures 11 inches by 17 inches.

Originally from France, Christophe Jannin is a painter, sculptor, illustrator & graphic designer, living in New Zealand for 11 years now. His work is an open window on our humanity with all its contradictions. It's a reflection about how the the world is -- made of people far more different from the image we can find in media, different from the standards we are served daily; Different body shapes, different colours, different ages. Jannin always keeps a close eye on the human condition in his work and wraps it with allegories.

Jannin is currently teaching traditional arts and media design at Media Design School of Auckland, New Zealand and is also having a successful parallel career as an independent artist, exhibiting work in France, the UK, Belgium, United States, Spain and New Zealand.

In 2016, Jannin did the visual identity for MadBear (international bear convergence in Madrid) and I has just completed the 2017 one as well. He has created alternatively with artist Don Chooi -- the visual identity for the Bear New Zealand events since 2008.

Jannin is currently preparing for a new art exhibition in 2017 that will feature some of his latest works, including sculptures.

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