Dorito Dios


Dorito Dios


Artist: Abraham Rodriguez

Exhibited Medium: Giclée Print (Original Medium: Graphite, Watercolors, Photoshop)

Date: 2017


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Dorito Dios digital print by Abraham Rodriguez. Print ships unframed without the KUMALICIOUS watermark and measures 17 inches by 11 inches.

Born in LA, raised in the Bay. Abraham Rodriguez grew up watching uncensored episodes of Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon (in Spanish mostly) which have affected his aesthetic ever since. A dash of magic, a skosh of queer, and a healthy admiration for meaty men and the Japanese culture. Whether he’s designing a logo, creating a letterhead, or illustrating a book, the Abe sparkle persists and continues to drive this up-and-comer to create art for everyone to enjoy. When he’s not sipping tea, eyeballs deep in Adobe CC, you’ll find him gathering reference material at the gym or working on his next cosplay. そして、日本語を勉強していますよ。 一緒に描こう!Let’s draw together! ♡

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