Crafty Minotaur


Crafty Minotaur


Artist: Tyr Tapir

Exhibited Medium: Giclée Print (Original Medium: Ink & Digital)

Date: 2017

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Crafty Minotaur digital print by Tyr Tapir. Print ships unframed without the KUMALICIOUS watermark and measures 17 inches by 11 inches.

Tyr Tapir is a mischievous comic artist whose Crooked Sabre erotic webcomic has poked gentle fun at fantasy stereotypes and not-so-gently criticised the way race is portrayed in the genre. Tyr has been hovering around the edges of zines and indy publishing for a while but Crooked Sabre is his first long-form colour series. Working at a glacial pace, Tyr has been tickled pink to see how the world has changed since the first page was published in 2010, particularly in the representation of men of size and/or colour.

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